About us

Stella Maris is a fashion designer and entrepreneur. The Founder and CEO of the brand haefele.fashion , the company has been based in Germany since 2017.

Stella Maris has worked as a freelance designer & visiting lectures for companies in Nepal, Argentina, and England.

She has won awards for her creations, the latest:

As a Best International Fashion Designer 2017 for the Cordoba Corazon de Moda in Cordoba-Argentina.

A second place as Best Fashion Designer 2019 for the Lukas Awards in London-England.

An Honorable Mention as Outstanding Fashion Designer 2019/20 for the Magazine Red Silk Carpet base in Chicago-USA.

As Best Charitable Brand 2019 , for The Orion Star Awards, in Agadir-Morocco.

As Entrepreneur of the Year-Europe 2020 for The Orion Star Awards, in London-England.

And as Fashion Retailer of the year 2021/22 for the Corporate Line Wire in London-England.

Stella Maris